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We’re More Attached to Our Pets Than to Friends and Relatives

November 08, 2018 2 min read

A study showed that one out of two people has a pet: either a dog or cat. But it’s dogs that have been considered man’s best friend for the past 30,000 years due to the personal nature of the relationship they provide.


“When our sick dog had to be put down, it was truly a heart wrenching experience for me and my daughter. We were so attached to him. We petted him up until his last breath, and his face look confused, but he also looked comforted by us being there. It was one of the most painful moments of our lives,” Philippe said.


A psychological academic study explained that the loss of a dog or cat is a very difficult situation for the owners. The relationship is so personal and intense that it can be worse than losing a friend or relative.


In modern society, there’s no road map for how to grieve your precious pet. Your Christmas stockings feel as empty as a rainy Sunday. You can’t really publish a death announcement in the paper or post about it on social media.


The companionship of a dog helps us relax and makes us happy. Dogs are the only animal that are evolved enough to become the best possible companion for humans.


According to a famous anthropologist, dogs are descendants of grey wolves, who became more and more tame over time, thus becoming the dogs we know and love today: social and affectionate.


Another study proved that dogs are capable of understanding their owner; they understand human expressions and emotions. Dog owners are happier, on average.


A dog’s love is so strong, unconditional and personal that it often provides more satisfaction than that of a friend or relative. This affection goes beyond any human relationship.


Losing your dog is more than just losing a pet. It means losing a friend, a confidant, and an endless supply of unconditional love. Dogs are an everyday companion that offer us comfort and security. The death of a pet can shake the entire family. It sometimes feels like losing an actual family member, since dogs have such a presence in everyday life, including everyday activities like walks, games and snuggles.


A dog who passes away leaves behind such a large void that some owners even say they continue to hear the dog around the house after it passed. A dog’s infinite love is like a fire that warms and calms us every day, and the loss of such a fire is a difficult ordeal to overcome.