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September 30, 2018 2 min read

Cats are very intelligent creatures, but not many people realize just how clever they really are.

Cats communicate amongst themselves in a language that’s foreign to us: smells, facial expressions and gestures. Of course, they can also cry out when they’re scared, when they spot prey or when they mate.

But in reality, cats only really meow when they're around humans. They meow specifically for us. What an honor.


Studies have shown that our sweet cats learn to meow when they start having contact with humans.




Little kittens meow to get their mother’s attention. And parent cats meow when they play with or snuggle their babies. But as soon as cats are fully grown and leave the mother, they stop meowing.


So, when your cat meows it’s talking to you. Cats have realized that humans don’t understand their other languages (smells, body language). However, humans do respond to sounds.


To get your attention, cats meow.


If a cat starts trying to communicate through gestures and it doesn’t get a reaction from you, it’ll start to meow. 


And it works. As soon as you hear a cat meowing, you pay attention to it, don’t you?


Cats developed an entire language to communicate with us. Some meows are slow and soft, and others are fast, almost like shouts. If we think we’re smart, cats are even smarter. They’ve figured out how to effectively interact with humans.


What are the different types of meows, you ask?


Cats can modify the intensity, the length, the pitch and the tone, which makes each cats’ meow different. With a little experience you can learn to distinguish between these different types of meows.


A short, high-pitched meow is usually a greeting or used to express joy. A different, softer meow might be used to ask for food a third type could be used to ask you to come play or snuggle. And of course, loud, sharp meows usually express anger or disagreement.


And at the end of the day, who understands their cat better than its owner? Yes, I’m talking to you!


So, long live cats, who’ve adapted and created a language solely for us, allowing them to communicate their emotions and to live with humans in perfect harmony.