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November 08, 2018 2 min read

We all love our pets, both cats and dogs. But we don’t always realize just how much their company benefits our lives and our health. Here’s 7 benefits of having a cat.


  1. Cats are the most loyal pets. They can give you all the love you’ll ever need. The more you love your cat, the more it’ll love you back. A cat’s love is limitless and completely unconditional.



  1. Single men who have cats are more attractive to women than other non-cat-owning men. Studies have shown that 90% of the women polled like men who have a cat more. They’re known to be more attentive, more affectionate and more personal in their relationships.



  1. Your cat will support you through the hard times and help you better handle negative emotions like fear or depression. Cats will always be there for you during painful moments. They can sense that you need them and will get rid of any useless, negative energy surrounding you. It’s been proven that kittens have an immense capacity to listen and share.



  1. Having a cat is ecological because their carbon footprint is small and they eat very little food, generally less than dogs. There are benefits for you and the planet!



  1. Your stress level will go down: a cat’s company is relaxing and soothing. You’ll feel better and calmer, and your heart will be at ease.



  1. No more allergies, thanks to cats! Children who sleep in a home with a cat have been known to develop a stronger immune system, so they end up developing less allergies than other children.



  1. Your nights will be better. Human beings sleep more deeply when a cat is watching over them. Cats love sleeping next to humans. You’ll wake full of energy the next morning thanks to your cat.



Here’s the moral of the story – Even if cats don't have seven lives, they’ll still bring seven benefits to your life that you won’t want to miss out on. If you have a cat, you’re very lucky. If you don’t, run out and adopt one right away! It’ll bring that little extra spark to your life that will change everything.