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9 Ways to Show You Dog You Love Them

November 08, 2018 3 min read

Every day your dog proves his or her love for you. Every time they see you, they’re overcome with joy and they show it. But your sweet pooch needs you to show a little love in return. Here’s 5 ways to show your dog you love them.

  1. Take him on a walk.

One of the biggest joys in your pup’s life is to go on a walk with you. Pay attention to his behavior. Does he grab his leash, bark, or post up in front of the door? That’s just his way of telling you it’s time to talk a little stroll! And nothing will make him happier.

Pay close attention to your dog’s behavior. When he’s waiting in front of the door, barks or cries, it might be because he wants you to take him on a walk. This can definitely be a way to show love, but it’s also a necessity. And the longer the walks are, the happier he’ll be!

  1. Food

It’s important to favor quality over quantity when you feed your pooch, otherwise she could get sick. Not too much, not too little – work on finding the right serving size and try to differentiate between when your dog is truly hungry, and when she’s just looking for a treat. And most importantly, ditch low-quality dog foods (store-brand kibble, for example) as these could be harmful to her health.

  1. Word choice and regular attention

As long as you don’t completely ignore your puppy and talk to him from time to time, he will feel loved. You could, for example, say good morning to him every day when you wake up and wish him good night before you go to bed, or tell him about your day. He won’t understand what you’re saying, but he’ll see that you’re paying attention to him and that he’s a full-on member of the family.

  1. Pets and snuggles

Pretty obvious, right? Most dogs love pets and snuggles! If you dog lays her head on your lap, it’s because she’s looking for some scratches, so go for it!

  1. Games 

Dog’s love playing with their owner, it allows them to have fun and socialize. By playing with him, your doggo will see that he’s important to you.

  1. A clean bowl

Just like you wouldn’t want to eat off a dirty plate, dogs don’t want to eat out of a dirty bowl, either. So, try to wash your pooch’s bowl as often as possible or even every day. Even dogs deserve a little hygiene!

  1. Take care of her bed

You should take special care of the place your dog usually sleeps (on a dog bed, a human bed, in a crate, etc.). There should be a spot in the house that’s dedicated entirely to her and that’s calm and quiet, so your puppy can relax. Respect her space and she’ll be forever grateful.

One more thing – don’t forget to regularly clean her bed space to get rid of bacteria, parasites or viruses, to keep her from getting sick.

  1. Training

Even though it may take a lot of patience to train your dog well, keep in mind that good training is a sign of love. Show your pooch that you’re the alpha dog and that they must learn to abide by certain rules so you both can live together happily. However, at no time should you ever hurt your dog, even if he broke the rules or was being a little naughty. 

  1. Rewards

To show your dog how much you appreciate all she does for you, don’t be afraid to reward her with a treat, a toy or lots of pets and scratches whenever you get the chance!